Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chess Fans?

I play chess on I play at about 1850 on the site. These games aren't over the board but played in turns over days and months. You can really study before making a move. A lot of the people up on the site really know their openings. I studied the openings to a point but I like playing my own style of game. I fall into traps and zaps all the time because I don't follow the openings but I learn from them (well until I forget again).

I find myself doing really good and then equally really bad. I think it has to do with life and responsibilities. I end up making rushed moves instead of thinking more before making a move. My opponent always seems to take advantage of me during those times. When I play a great game, I always wonder why I can't repeat that every game. How can a person such as Kasparov rarely lose a game? Is it memorization or really good strategy? Most likely both.

I have always dreamed of being good enough to play against a master but I haven't reached that level of skill yet. Maybe someday :)

I just wanted to share that with you. Maybe you have better answers than I. Either way, Chess is a game/sport I will never tire of.

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