Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Spare Tire that Should'a Been

Amy and I used to travel to work together to downtown Dallas and we owned one car. I got a new job and it was not close to Dallas so we had to get a new car. We decided a used car would be fine and got a 2008 Kia Sorento. It was a rental car before we got it and Amy loved it.

We started looking for a standard dachshund and found a place that was having some puppies. We put a deposit down to hold one of them. After they were born, three were available for choosing. The breeder sent pictures of them and when we picked the one we wanted, she wrote back and said that one was not available so we gave her the big fat finger and got our deposit back. We began to look again for another breeder. Amy found a site with some miniature dachshund puppies. There were two that were too cute. Amy decided she wanted both so they would have a friend and not be lonely when we were away from home. As an added bonus, the two puppies together cost much less than the standard dachshund by itself.

When the puppies were old enough, we planned a trip to the middle of no where in Southwest Texas. The trip was to take us four hours one way. We started out and made good time. We started up a road that led to the breeder. We had about ten miles to go when the left rear tire blew out. Amy pulled over, we got out, and pulled out the tools to change the tire. After we got it all out, we started searching for the spare tire. It wasn't in the back of the Kia so I looked under the car and there was a place for a tire but there was no tire! We were very upset about that but there was nothing we could do about it. We were in the middle of nowhere and called the number on the back of her driver's license. They found a place about thirty miles away and gave us the number. We called them and found that they would bring a tire and fix the flat on the spot. We waited, a guy showed up and fixed the tire, we paid the hefty price, and we were on our way again. Another tire blew out! Just kidding. our dachshund puppies We made it to the breeder's house and the puppies melted away the frustrations of the past hour. We got our puppies, put them in the kennel we bought earlier, and started the long trip back home. We pulled over several times to let the puppies out. We put on their new leashes we got when we bought the kennel. We finally got home and ... (more on the puppies later)

The moral of this story is to always look for things you assume should be a part of the whole package :P

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